WTPoop is going on?

So, yeah, what is going on here , Chris, is You and I trying to figure out what’s going on here and I say “heeeeey yeah yeah yeaheah, heeeeey yeah yeah,” I said “hey! What’s going on?”

Basically, we have been best friends for twenty years, we are roommates, we are creative, and we are very strange and we figured that we would try and put all that on the Internet to share our weird lives and the weird things we make with people.

Beyond that, we don’t really know what we’re doing, but rest assured that we will try and share it with the Internet whether it’s a strange thing we found in the apartment, some photography from you, some calligraphy from me, or some trivia, we will try and share it.

OK, bye!

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  • Christopher Scalzi

    Ian, using this website we might finally be able to lift the curse that that evil magician tribe leader inflicted on us! And maybe, just maybe, hair will stop growing on your eyeballs. Damn you David Copperfield!!

  • Amelia Ellis

    I believe in you, and in the power of…something completely different!