Phlogging: blogging via phone

Well Ian, it looks like our idea of blogging by phone might not be as simple as we suspected.

I did, however, find numerous links to services that are deader than Friendster, such as: and

But really, we don’t want to transcribe something from a phone message into a blog, what we’re trying to do is simply put up a public answering machine that people can dial into and leave us messages.

So far my biggest lead into this idea is the Google Voice service. When somebody leaves me a message on my Google Voice account it gives me the opportunity to save the message, e-mail it, or embed the message onto the web. Now, this is fantastic except for the fact that I cannot figure out how to automate the process of embedding the voicemail content into a posting. The ultimate goal is for somebody to dial our Google Voice number, it records the message into an audio file, it then generates code in order for it to be embedded into our web site and then posts it into WordPress.

Here’s a sample of the manually embedded material:



oh and just in case you’re wondering, here is what Google transcribed this message as:

“Hello, this is a test message. I’m leaving in order to in bed on school website. I hope this works.”

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  • Ian K.

    Secondly) See if this link is helpful

    Thirdly) We don’t want just anybody to call, this is like our answering machine. Only people with our number should be calling.

    First and lastly) you should have called the post “Phlogging a Dead Horse.”