Handheld Kick


Chris, I found this website where you can play some of the old handheld games while poking around tumblface and immediately thought of our own old pocket games, Donkey Kong and Mario Bros.

I don’t know why we like tiny things so much, we just do, but it is a weird coincidence that I should com across this right after ordering a GBA SP, no?

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  • Christopher Scalzi

    I think it’s quite amazing that of all the games they have listed on their web site NONE of the ones we actually own are on there.
    I think one of the reason we like these things so much is that not only were they oodles of fun but the design (specifically of the two screen Nintendo games) is quite amazing. There’s no better way to see that this idea stood the test of time than to look at Nintendo’s current line up of handheld game system.