Insomnia: Take 1

Ian, I can’t sleep. I know this isn’t a new phenomenon, but I thought I would take this opportunity to see what posting from my iPod touch would look like. So far so good, I was even able to dynamically take a photo with the device and post it directly to the site.
By the way, it’s snowing, but I’m sure you will figure that out in…oh, let’s say 6 hours from now assuming you don’t get called into work early.
Oh, and I also fixed the problem where the Disqus comments system was too wide, which made it look inconsistent with the rest of the content…. and I changed the header a bit, and poked around in some of the other code as well… How about I just wait and see if you notice some of the extra changes I put in. :D



Categories:, and Random, and Technology


  • Ian K.

    I got up at ten and the snow had already melted.

    I like the “notes to self” thing.

    “Without further ado” is good.

    Should I order some valerian root or rose hips?

    Also, we need to figure out how to post by SMS. I think there are plugins.