Poor Yorick

So, I made this comic like a week or so ago with normal olde time balloonery but after talking about the ‘merica balloons, I tweaked it.

This is a teency skull I got from my friend Sam who used tem in an art project because she is crazy and morbid and crazy and ever since I got it (months and months ago now) I have been planning to make this very comic.

I love when that crap happens. Crap. Happens. Crappens. Oh, fortune! Oh, crappenstance!

PS: Chris, this is a joke from Hamlet which is a play by William Shakespeare who is not alive but still very famous and, as jokes go, it is very, very funny and you should like it.

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  • Christopher Scalzi

    Ahh yes, I do recall watching that documentary on him…what was it….. Shakespeare In Love! Yes, great film.
    End of line.