My brain has a mean sucker punch

Earlier today I was trying to figure out what content was located where and how each site / service connected to each other.

And then something happened, my brain punched me in the face.

So once more I pull out my good friend Visio to see if I can’t figure it out that way. Two hours later I think I have a MOSTLY complete diagram of how everything is setup. It’s still missing small pieces of the social networking components, also I think I need to make an additional diagram details how I would actually like everything to look in an ideal fantasy world where everything worked as it should. For example every time you tweeted, it sent would send it simultaneously to all services in existence and even telegraphed a letter to your mom containing your 140 character brain fart. I’d have it send a fax as well but honestly that seems kind of old hat.

Ian, you owe me one for figuring all of this out.

Things yet to be diagrammed in this site include: your store, the posterous blog, and your tumblr blog. Also I need to fill in the various projects that connect from this site to other sites and how those sites then interconnect with this one. @_@

I’ll install the telegraph plugin for WordPress later on.


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