New Calligraphy

I made this the other day, not sure how I feel about the border on it.

This is a good example of me predilection for contrast in comedy. At least to me it is. And that predisposition goes further than you might think. I mean, assuming that what you think is “haha, tits or GTFO is lewd and forceful and calligraphy is elegant,” which is true, but in my mind it goes further than that.

Like, were you to purchase this piece from my etsy store I think it would be important for you to know that this isn’t just calligaphy, it’s an Artificial Uncial script modeled on a style from roughly 700 AD.

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  • Christopher Scalzi

    This post suspiciously looks like you copied and pasted what you wrote on your etsy store….. *strokes invisible beard*

    • Ian K.

      That *is* suspicious, Chritoface, since I did not. I copied what I wrote on my tumblface… with some small changes.