Something about calories…

OK, so, we got the Teaching Company course on nutrition and it tells me that, for my height, as a male, I should be 106 pounds for the first 5 feet of my height plus 6 pounds for every additional inch so, I should be 154 pounds.

At 5′ 8″ and 154 pounds, I need 1,540 calories daily just to maintain that. Like, if all I did was lie in bed and not move or do anything voluntary, just to keep doing that comfortably, my body needs 1,540 calories.

Now, ’cause I exercise daily and my job involves a lot of walking around, I probably need more like 2,310 calories daily.

To whit… I made a sammich.

This sammich is, like… 427 calories. I also had an apple which is 95 calories. So, that’s 522 calories for today already.

Man… could I live on 4 sandwiches plus fruit and vegetables a day, Chris? Me, the man who can eat 13 dollars of Taco Bell?

I’m not weighing in until I finish more of this course, but, it’s interesting…

Also, apparently, you should weigh 166 pounds and, because you’re kinda sedentary, you should be eating… 2,075 calories a day or so.

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  • Christopher Scalzi

    Uggh, this thing just deleted that entire comment that I just made… So.. now I have to remember what I said… umm… er.. you fat. No, wait, that was…. definitely it.

    Oh! Also, I don’t think it’s possible for me to gain weight, in fact I think I’m losing weight even typing this comment. I can feel it, I can feel the burn. Besides the fact that my metabolism is through the roof I also don’t eat anything with wheat in it which basically cuts out 90% of what people eat that make them gain weight. Even when I eat pizza I’m eating gluten free pizza which has a thin rice bread crust. Supposedly when you get older your metabolism slows down but I’m still waiting for that to happen.