This has been one of the craziest months I think I’ve had in a long time.

I have so far completely re-organized our living space from the possessions that we have to re-vamping our entire network. We now have what I would call a “grown-up” network. All gigabit infrastructure, a centralized server RAIDed with a 2TB backup and centralized shares for all of the media along with a UPS protecting everything. As of tonight I will have upgraded our TV computer to a Windows 7 duel-core process machine with 2gb of ram from that old Windows XP thingie we’ve been using for years. I’ve thrown out at least 6 carpenter sized garbage bags worth of possessions, and am donating at least 6 milk crates worth of things as well.

On top of this I have re-structured both my office and my bedroom for optimal working conditions for both of my companies Data Panda and Distilled Minds and working on organizing everything for my impending partnership and hiring process. I’ve also been working closely with a design firm for redoing both of my web sites and beginning a marketing campaign. I’m also taking on the beginning of a third business that I will be taking over shortly. In-between these moments of insanity I’ve flung myself on my office couch for brief naps only to get up an hour later and plunge back into work mode. My businesses and my client base are expanding at a rate that I’m incapable of explaining.

I’ve re-vamped my entire studio space to be able to convert from the basic sleeping area into a photo studio at a moment’s notice. I’ve even mounted the projection screen and projector in there for presentations and other movie events. Soon I will be replacing my entire lighting rig in preparation for 3 upcoming photo shoots I’m scheduling. I’m also putting myself into training for the latest version of Final Cut Pro at the Apple store to get myself up to speed on all the new features.

On top of all of this I’ve thrown two theme parties, one 1984 themed party for Nat, and another Lord of The Rings Shire themed party for Coral. And as you know, for theme parties we go all out.

It’s actually taken me over a week to even complete this post. I’ve been so insanely busy that I’ve barely had time to put energy into much else other than the massive reorganization process of both my business and my life. I’m structuring things so that I will have time to put my energy into our awesome creative ventures and get myself into a routine where I’m updating and posting to this site regularly. I already have 4 video blogs that I’m outlining so that I can shoot, edit, and post them to this site hopefully very soon!

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