Thing-A-Day: Writing

Hey, Chris, it’s good that you’re making so much progress with Data Panda but it is even more gooder that embedded in your grand plan is time for our creative endeavors as it’s been feeling one-sided over here. I look forward to your triumphant return.

In the meantime, Katrina and I have made an informal pact over a book over writing exercises. Our pact is, roughly, that we will do one exercise each day.

This is mine:

“Sometimes I feel just like a gerbil, running around and around on his wheel! You know?”

Colette looked imploringly across the table at me, slapping her thighs for emphasis as her arms fell out of their gesticulations like a marionette whose strings were suddenly cut. I swivelled the jukebox carousel at our diner table aimlessly, watching her.

She’d been under a lot of pressure since her girlfriend of five years rediscovered men and left her saying it had just been “a phase” or some other nonsense while the extensive layoffs at her job left her employed but harried and overworked; she was clearly burning her fraying candle at both ends as she threw herself into work, trying not to think abour her failed relationship and she exercised to the point of exhaustion, trying not to think about her failed relationship.

I knew she was looking for some kind of validation or connection in that moment, but I couldn’t. As I searched her face, all I came up with was, “what, because the work never seems to end?”

Colette scrunched up her nose, confused. “No, the new eliptical machines at the gym, they’re– you know, nevermind. Let’s just get the California rolls.”

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