Thing a Day – Writing

This exercise gave me a piece of lined paper with single letters at irregular intervals and the directive, “use each letter as you get to it. Start with: New Year’s resolutions make me…”

New Year’s resolutions make me wonder how much people could achieve if they stuck to each of theirs. I’m pretty disciplined when it comes to new year’s resolutions and stuff like that, but even I have trouble keeping up, day in, day out. I guess it also depends on the individual’s (or at least the type of) resolutions. I picked several resolutions this year and they each require daily attention which is good and bad. It’s very good because having a schedule is an important part of getting things done but it’s also bad because it can be difficult to maintain a schedule when everything has to be a daily thing instead of, say, weekly, depending on the volume of resolutions one has. Mostly, though, it’s things on par with “I will never eat chocolate again” or “I will lose twenty pounds” but there’s seldom a plan.


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