Thing a Day – Terrible Twos

OK, so, the writing exercise Kat and I did today says “you are two years old. Write from this perspective. Be childlike. PLAY!”

I confess that I couldn’t figure how a two year-old would answer the questions about themselves, so I couldn’t really take it seriously, but when it came time to actually write from the perspective of a two year-old, I realized, that’s the very beginning of an external awareness, so, everything has to be this bizarre Joyceian stream of consciousness that doesn’t allow for and internal or external world, it’s all equally real, it’s just this jumble of your entire world, so, we tried to throw a little bit of that down on paper, but I’m afraid that, if it is even accurate, it’s like the beginnings of a migraine.

Give yourself a name (with the initials C.A.T.): Captain Aloysius Turbo

Nickname: Cap

Eye Color: Orange

Hair color: bald

Favorite food: monsters

Siblings’ names/ages: Juan Valdez Stephenson, 17 and Todd, 9

How they treat you: Juan is nice but imaginary, I don’t really know Todd.

Thoughts on toilet training: I am a big girl or boy and I can win! I like to win!


Start with: Here I am stuck in my crib








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