Sacre crap, Chris! Remember this video? Kids born the moment we saw this video are going to college now and we have not seen it since that first time.

18 years, Chris, since this first aired and captivated our attention.

For those of you who are not Chris, there was a time when things weren’t immediately available after they’d aired. There was a time when things weren’t digitally archived and instantly shared.

This video is an example of that because, you must, it is imperative, you must understand that Chris and I reMEMber this video but have been completely unable to find it for EIGHTEEN YEARS (and we have looked, god we have looked)  so we have had nothing but our shared memory for long enough that we were beginning to doubt this was real.

Granted, if you don’t remember a time when everything wasn’t archived and shared along with its creation you don’t remember this video.


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